Benjamin Kunkle

Licensed Home Inspector #3380001889
Radon License #112512-RMP
NRS New Residential Structure Certified

Skyline Home Inspections

Growing up in Rockingham County of Virginia, Ben gained a wide expanse of knowledge in the fields of construction and architecture and has over 6 years of experience framing/building homes. He achieved his certification as a Licensed Home Inspector by studying under William Browne. Upon William’s retirement, Ben purchased Skyline Home Inspections and is continuing to provide the community with a company and inspector that will work hard to ensure that homebuyers are aware of any issues or major defects in the structures and components of their future property.

When not performing inspections, Ben is most likely doing something musical! Music is his passion as he writes, produces, and performs with multiple groups. He enjoys spending time with family, and adventuring into the Shenandoah backcountry on his motorcycle. He loves his community and hopes his business can benefit the people in it.

Ben Inspecting a home

Ben Is A Natural Problem Solver

and approaches every inspection like a skilled detective willing to put his knowledge and hard work into cracking the case

With his background in both construction and architecture and the NRS (New Residential Structure) designation, he has a unique ability to find problems in the structural systems of new construction homes making him one of the go-to inspectors for pre-drywall inspections. Over the years Skyline Home Inspections has identified numerous structural defects in new home construction that would have lead to disastrous outcomes had they not inspected the property.

He finds great satisfaction in discussing every aspect and the potential problem of a home with clients during the inspection. He prides himself on being a very thorough Inspector and being open to his client’s questions so he can educate them on the issues of the property.

About William Browne

Licensed Home Inspector 3380000922

Headshot of William Browne, one of Skyline's home inspectors

William started Skyline Home Inspections with the goal of providing his community with a company and inspector that would work hard to ensure homebuyers are aware of any issues or major defects in the structures and components of their future property. Now retired and having personally trained his replacement, Ben Kunkle, he is confident the company will continue on this path.

Bill is now retired and trained Ben Kunkle during more than 100 inspections. Ben has a background in framing homes and was a quick study. It takes time to run into all the scenarios different homes can have. Ben was trained on homes as old as 1820 through to new construction. Every system imaginable from dry-stacked stone foundations to “Superior Wall Systems.” Ben has become a very knowledgeable home inspector during this time.

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